Achieving goals

We advise…

...and provide effective support in crisis-prone business situations.

We recognize vulnerabilities...

...because we look at your company from the perspective of an external service provider.

We develop instruments...

...and show you how to use these to lead your company out of the crisis and successfully into the future.

We create structures...

...and develop concepts, routines and processes together with you with which you will succeed in the market.

We demonstrate solutions...

...which can be applied directly in practice and have a positive effect on the desired company development.

We work in performance-oriented way...

...and with fairness, as we share a potential risk with our customers through our service contracts.


In the event of necessary restructuring, we provide companies with professional and effective support in all phases.

Starting with the preparation of a restructuring concept, negotiation situations and implementation of the restructuring concept to management functions with an interim character.

The main areas of our performance relate to the improvement of the cost situation and market position, in which the efficiency and effectiveness of processes are the focus of our activities.

All in all, you will receive a customized service package from us, with simple financing and clearly defined fixed costs.

Performance overview – Consulting concept

Bankruptcy management

Professional consulting team

Contract management

Restructuring measures

Liquidity management

Interim management

Practical solutions for companies that are preparing for crises or are currently stuck in one, and for entrepreneurs who need to shape their future safely – these are our strengths.

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